Distance Sales Agreement

Since 2018, we have helped the people we serve to live a more beautiful and happier day surrounded by flowers. Welcome to Rn Flowers Shop in Istanbul and Ankara. Take a look the Distance Sales Agreement.

All users are deemed to have accepted that they have read and approved the Sales Agreement as soon as they complete their membership process. The Sales Agreement is the Virtual Sales Agreement between rnflowers.com and the Customer.

The subject of this contract is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077, the Regulation on Distance Contracts and other relevant legal provisions regarding the sale and delivery of the product, of which the Seller sells to the Buyer, with the qualifications and sales price specified below. .

2.1 The Buyer accepts that he has read and understood the Agreement and is aware of his rights and obligations.

2.2 The Seller and the Buyer agree that there is no disproportion between the acts agreed upon in the contract, that the mutual acts are in accordance with the nature of the work, and that they do not have any inexperience within the scope of the transactions included in the contract.

2.3 The Buyer agrees that he/she is fully convinced that the transactions within the scope of the contract are in his/her own interest and that he/she will comply with all conditions of his/her own free will, without any difficulty or trouble, thinking, willingly and knowingly.

2.4 The Seller and the Buyer agree that the provisions of the contract do not have a feature that can be considered unfair and there is no injustice in terms of the balance of interests.

2.5 This contract, its annexes and the information provided within the scope of transactions made through rnflowers.com and the issues approved by electronic means correspond to the requirements of Article 6 of the regulation on the application procedures and principles regarding sales with campaigns.

2.6 The provisions of this contract do not contain any unfair terms in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on unfair terms in consumer contracts. The provisions do not constitute a violation of the rule of honesty and goodwill and have been prepared in accordance with the consumer protection legislation.

2.7 The provisions of this contract have been prepared by taking into account the provisions of the new Code of Obligations No. 6098. The binding and content control stipulated in Article 21 of the new law of obligations has been made by the Buyer. None of the provisions of this contract are foreign to the nature of this contract and the nature of the work (surprising conditions). The provisions of this contract are written in a clear and understandable way and do not have more than one meaning.

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The type, quantity, brand/model, color number, sales price, payment method of the Good / Product / Service are as follows:
Date of contract:
Delivery Date of the Product:
Amount of delivery costs: TL
Goods/Products/Services Type: Flower Delivery
Quantity: 1 Piece
TL in advance. Sale Price (Including Taxes): TL

6.1 The BUYER declares that he has read all the preliminary information about the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method and delivery of the product subject to the contract specified in Article 5 and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

6.2 The product subject to the contract is delivered to the BUYER or the person/organization at the address indicated within the period specified in the preliminary information, depending on the distance of the Buyer's residence for each product, provided that the legal 30-day period is not exceeded. This period can be extended for a maximum of 10 days, provided that the consumer is notified in writing.

6.3 If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the Buyer, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

6.4 The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contracted product in a sound, complete and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order. Provided that it is based on a just cause, the SELLER may supply the Seller with goods or services of equal quality and price before the contractual performance obligation expires.

6.5 For the delivery of the product subject to the contract, this contract must be confirmed electronically and the price of the contractual order must be paid. If, for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the SELLER is deemed to have been released from the product delivery obligation.

6.6 If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract in due time due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions preventing transportation, interruption of transportation, the SELLER is obliged to notify the Buyer of the situation. In this case, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order, replace the product subject to the contract with its precedent, if any, and/or postpone the delivery time until the obstacle is removed. If the Buyer cancels the order, the amount paid will be returned to him within 10 days.

6.7 If the Buyer's payment obligation in this contract is not fulfilled in any way, the SELLER may initiate enforcement proceedings, file a lawsuit and resort to other legal remedies for the purpose of collecting the product price, which could not be collected, over the price of the product on the day of delivery and the interest to be charged over the interest rates stipulated in the contract.

According to Article 7, paragraph 4, clause c of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, entitled Right of Withdrawal; The consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal for the goods prepared in line with the wishes of the consumer or clearly his personal needs. In addition, the consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contracts regarding the delivery of goods that are not suitable for return due to their nature and that are in danger of spoiling quickly or that are likely to expire.

All kinds of complaints and objections due to this Agreement can be made to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or to the Consumer Court in the place of residence of the Buyer or the Seller, according to the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in December every year.