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MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check Cooler with Peonies and Hydrangeas

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Hydrangeas and peonies in the iconic MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check Cooler vase...
The enamel vase will also be an ice bucket, a permanent gift and a decorative option, and it will be a source of happiness and joy if the flowers are delivered to your address on the same day with our special flower tools.
Who wouldn't be happy with MacKenzie-Childs and flowers?
There are 8 hydrangeas and 5 peonies in the product.
Diameter: 12.7 Cm, Height: 21.59 Cm. Hand-painted Scandinavian Checks, hand-glazed steel body made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Pieces may vary depending on the handmade nature of each item.
With flower Diameter: 60 - 65 cm, Height: 60 - 65 cm