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MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check Enamel Compote Bowl with Chocolate and Flower

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Iconic MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check Enamel Compote A delicious visual feast where 500 gr hazelnut cream filled milk chocolate and flowers come together; with a lively flower bouquet... You can choose flower colors in the basket.
The enameled bowl will be a permanent gift, a decorative and at the same time a very useful option. It will be a source of happiness and joy if the chocolates are delivered to your address by hand on the same day with our special flower vehicles.
Who wouldn't be happy with MacKenzie-Childs, flowers and chocolates?
None of our products contain alcohol, lard or additives. Store in a cool and dry place (at +18 / +22 °C). Do not put in the refrigerator. Do not leave it in direct contact with sunlight.
Bowl Diameter: 19.05 Cm Height: 12.07 Cm, Capacity: 300 Ml. Hand-painted, hand-glazed steel body. Pieces may vary depending on the handmade nature of each item. Hand wash with soap and dry immediately.
Product height with flower: 22 - 25 cm